Types of Waxing in waxing in Boulder Co

You can find several types of waxing services in Boulder Co. This article brings a few of them to your attention. Some of these methods are gender specific while others can be used by both men and women.

  • Bikini Waxing

You can use a regular bikini wax to remove unwanted hair outside the panty line. On the other hand, you can take the sides of your bikini line deeper by going for a full bikini wax. Bikini waxing may also entail removing some top hair so as to come up with a ‘triangle area’ that is more defined. You could also decide to trim down the left hair short. In a French bikini wax, the expert removes all the hair from the front section but leaves behind a small strip that stretches right before the back. However, it does not remove the back hair like is the case with the Brazilian waxing.

waxing in boulder co

  • Hollywood or Brazilian Waxing

This process entails removing hair in the genital region. The Brazilian wax entails partially removing hair from the genital area and leaving behind a strip. Hollywood wax, on the other hand, involves removing all the hair in the genital area. What makes the Brazilian waxing different from the regular one is that you have to remove all the hair in the back, from, and anything in between. The expert only leaves behind a ‘landing strip’ that represents a tiny strip of hair that has been closely shorn. However, most clients prefer to remove all the hair. Genital hair removal entails removing all the hair around the genitals, perineum, and anus. Hollywood waxing also encompasses removing hairs in between the buttocks. The pricing for waxing in Boulder co varies depending on the type of procedure and the brand you choose. The hair must grow to a certain length before you can wax it successfully. Most waxing professionals’ advice that it gets to a quarter an inch.  Bikini waxing is not gender specific because both men and women can go for a Brazilian wax.

  • Male Body Waxing

Doing waxing on the male body is a common practice in the modern times. Let no one cheat you that male body waxing is meant for homosexuals only. Both heterosexual and homosexual men go for male body waxing. Men prefer to wax the whole body from the neck downwards. However, it’s very sensitive to wax the bikini area of a man. You can bruise the genitals, rupture the blood vessels, or even tear the area. No wonder most waxing centers like to use two people to wax the male genital area. The soothing experience also makes most men erect during the process. However, you should not feel ashamed in case such a thing happens because the technicians are used to it. The technician may request the client to help with holding the skin taunt as he continues with the process. However, the most popular male waxing treatments take place on the chest and back.


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