Turn Your Vacation into an Adventure – Rent a Mercedes Camper

In 1960, the famous novelist John Steinbeck decided to reconnect with the heart of America, so he set out incognito on a cross-country adventure in a custom-built RV. In fact, there are a number of benefits to renting an RV on a vacation, and you no longer need a special order to get a top-end vehicle. Mercedes camper rentals canprovide you with a vacation that’s truly an adventure, so you can be flexible in your travels, “carry your home on your back,” and experience luxury in a compact camper.

Have a Flexible Itinerary

Have you ever heard of anyone having an adventure while sticking to a strict vacation itinerary? One reason for such meticulous planning is that it may be difficult to rent out same-day lodging. As a result, you usually have to avoid too many detours, and it’s hard to extend or cut your time short at any particular place based on how much you’re enjoying yourself. This is not a problem with a camper, since you can plan on the go and stay put a few days for an exciting event, or be halfway across the country in that time.

Take Your “Home” With You

You can organize your things in a camper and decorate it to give it a feel of “home” – something that cannot be achieved when going from one hotel room to the next. Most everyone dislikes packing and unpacking and looking for items in crammed luggage. On top of that, even the nicest hotel room doesn’t give you that comfy feeling you get while spending time in a place you had time to set up to your liking. After all the novel impressions in your travels, wouldn’t it be nice to take a break from the excitement and retire at night to a place that feels familiar?

It’s Compact but Luxurious

What stands out about Mercedes camper rentals is that you don’t have to drive an especially bulky vehicle that requires special training, goes slowly and requires an RV lot for parking. Take your luxury Mercedes Sprinter rentals, for example, and you will find that their Free Spirit SS contains a slide-out living area. Not only do you get a Sprinter that goes 75 mph on the highway and fits into a standard parking place, it turnsroomy and luxurious at night.

Renting out a camper on a vacation can be an experience like no other, and Mercedes camper rentals even takes away the usual hassles of a camper trip. Now you can go on a fun adventure where you make itinerary on the go, balance the excitement of the day with a familiar place to rest at night, and travel in style in a nimble and easy-to-drive vehicle!


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