Top Seven Mistakes to Avoid While Buying an Air Conditioner

Are you planning to buy a new air conditioner? It’s important that you make the right decision because apart from giving cool air, an air conditioner also adds some units to the electricity bill. A right Air conditioner will make your home cooler and will not increase the electricity bill.

Buying an AC requires a good amount of investment. It’s not every day you buy an AC. It will last for 10 to 20 years which is why utmost care should be taken while buying one. So, before you make a purchase, read this article, we have listed down few mistakes that people usually make while buying an AC:

Choosing wrong size

If you think that a large size AC will have more cooling power then you have misunderstood.

An AC too big for your room will:

  • Cost you more.
  • Run on inefficient energy.
  • Wear out quickly.

On the contrary, an AC that is too small for your area will:

  • Not provide proper cooling.
  • It is unable to balance the temperature level.

Consider the size of your room before purchasing the Air conditioner. Consult the technician, he will evaluate your room size and suggest you the right size air conditioner for your room.

Avoid insulation

Insulation plays a very vital role here. With the insulation, your AC unit will have to put less efforts to optimize the temperature. This serves following benefits:

  • Reduced strain and energy consumption.
  • Increased life span.

Improper installation

You have bought the best Air condition systems, but if the installation is not done properly, it will invite performance and efficiency issues. Proper installation matters for efficient running of any machine. Moreover, it should be done by a well-trained technician.

Cutting cost

Buying cheap appliances is not always a good option. As mentioned earlier, an AC will last for more than a decade. Buying an AC just because it is cheap can cost you more over time. Moreover, a cheap inefficient cooling unit will drain too much of energy.

Don’t fall for the low-price tags. We recommend our readers to always consider factors like brand and quality before purchasing. Say, Voltas is leading cooling appliances brand in India which sells Air Conditioners, Air Coolers & Commercial Refrigerators.

Moreover, Samsung is also a popular brand providing better quality at cheaper rates. Some of the Samsung AC Systems are having multi jet technologies, which make them strong and sturdy.

Ignoring SEER ratings

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio i.e. SEER will measure the efficiency of your air conditioning system.  The higher the value, the more efficient the system is. It’s recommended to check the SEER ratings. Standard ratings are:

  • Minimum: 13
  • Good: 15
  • High efficient: 16

Neglecting maintenance and rebate offers

Not providing after care services will degrade the quality of your AC with time. You should have your Air conditioner serviced regularly. This will improve the efficiency of your AC. Moreover, a lot of people neglect rebate offers. Inquire about the rebate offers to save money before making a purchase.

With all these information, it will be easier for you to select the right air conditioning system for your home.


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