What Is The Right Process To Book Your Driving Theory Test

To be eligible to get a driving license, one has to pass the driving theory test. Once you are done with your test preparation, you need to book for this test. To book the test in the right way, you need to know where to place a request, what all documents need to be carried etc.


What is a theory driving test?


To get a driving license, you must pass a driving test. This test comprises of theory and practical test. To eligible for a practical driving test, you need first to clear the theory test. So, this is the first hurdle one has to pass. Theory test basically comprises of multiple choice questions. There is a certain passing criterion which you need to fulfil to pass this test.  Learning the right preparation strategy and a lot of preparation would help you clear this test.


What are the modes available for booking a driving theory test?


Earlier, to book for the test, you need to personally visit the driving centre in your city and get it booked. Now the government has made the booking procedure simpler. You can easily book the test on the date and time as desired by you by using Government’s online booking service.


People, who would not prefer booking online, are provided with another mode and i.e., by calling at the customer centre. Identify which is the nearest driver and vehicle standards agency (DVSA) in your area and contact on their customer care number to do driving test theory book.


What documents do you need to carry at the time of booking?


For successful booking of your driving theory test, you will need following documents:

  • Valid “provisional driving license number”. This number has to be a valid number in Northern Ireland or Great Britain
  • For making payment of the fees, you need to furnish details of your credit/debit card as per the chosen payment mode

How do you get confirmation letter of the booking of your test?


When you book a test, you are provided with a confirmation in relation to the booking request given for conducting the driving test. From Dec 2011, the “DVSA” has stopped sending hard copy of confirmation letter to all those who have booked for a theory test.


In place of sending the letter via post, you will be sent confirmation letter via an email. This will help people to get it much quicker than what it takes to post. Only if the person doesn’t have an email Id, he will send an email confirmation.


Which sites should you discard when booking for a driving theory test?


There are several websites that offer you a facility to book a driving test. It is advised to go only for government approved and official websites. Don’t choose the ones that ask you for hefty upfront payment in the name of “test fee” at the time of booking a driving theory test.




Good research on this procedure will help you with the successful booking of your driving theory test.


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