Play Safer to Play Harder

The physical demands placed on a goalkeeper’s body can be tremendous. Although it’s impossible to prevent injuries altogether, proper safety equipment can go a long way towards protecting a goalkeeper and keeping them in the game. Adidas goalkeeper gloves fingersave design can protect a goalkeeper’s fingers, hands, wrists, and more thanks to theirwell-crafted and thoughtful safety features. Continue reading below to find out how Adidas fingersave gloves can protect your most valuable player, the goalkeeper, and keep them playing longer.

Wrist Worries

Between diving, sliding, and deflection, a goalkeeper’s wrists are at constant risk of injury and strain. Wrist sprains and fractions are common for goalkeepers, particularly youths, but can present a safety concern for players of all ages. The Adidas fingersave gloves feature a full wrist wrap with an elastic bandage that provides maximum wrist support on and off the field. Not only will the wrist support prevent acute injuries, but it can help mitigate long-term joint damage as well and keep you playing season after season.

Knuckle Conundrum

There are three knuckles in each finger and two knuckles in each thumb, totaling fourteen joints in the human hand that can be injured during a game. Jamming, bruising, and sprains can reduce a goalkeeper’s efficiency and potentially lead to further injuries down the line as it interferes with the ability to protect the goal. Fortunately, protecting fingers can be accomplished easily when the right set of gloves is utilized. Adidas goalkeeper gloves fingersave technology includes spines that stiffen around the fingers and resist pressure, keeping the joints of the hand in close alignment whether you’re hitting the ball or the ground.


And lastly, shoulder injuries are common for goalkeepers when they perform dives and slides. Contusions, ligament sprains, and ligament tears can occur during a soccer match, potentially benching the goalkeeper for the rest of the game or the remainder of the season. Using safety equipment with a strong grip in the fingers and well-designed friction points can help reduce shoulder injuries by providing the player with greater control over how and where they land when they dive. Additionally, it’s important that your safety gear is designed with weather in mind, like the Adidas fingersave gloves, and will retain friction whether it’s being used on wet grass, mud, or the soccer ball.

Although Adidas goalkeeper gloves fingersave design cannot prevent these common injuries altogether, they can greatly reduce the risk placed on the player with their innovative features and allow you to play longer by playing safer.


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