How to Choose the Right Golf Trolley

It can be very hard to select an electric golf trolley. However, the task can become easy once you have some of these tips. First, you must decide whether you are going for a manually controlled or remote electric golf trolley. The functions of manually controlled one are on a panel that is located in the handle of the cart. The remote controlled one gives you a lot of movement freedom. Some of the factors to consider while choosing the right equipment include performance, control features, and drive system.

  1. Performance

This feature will determine the effectiveness of the electric golf caddy in transporting the clubs. Some of the critical parameters include the climb capacity, carrying capacity, and operating range. A range of at least 27 holes is the best for an electric golf trolley. For hilly courses, an equipment of 20 to 30 degrees will work well. Finally, a minimum carrying capacity of 15 lbs. is more than enough for you. Other factors that will determine performance include the size of the motor, battery power, and battery/cart weight. Analyze all these factors to get the best.

  1. Control features

Electric golf trolleys come with different features and you will always get what you pay for. Look at these features and divide them into three categories. These will include the ‘must have,’ ‘nice to have,’ and ‘don’t need’ and use these elements to make your purchase decision.

The basic control features you will find in electric trolley include variable forward speed, distance advance, speed memory, cruise control, electronic brakes, and free-wheeling. The remote control golf caddyhas reverse direction and turning as its basic features. The advances features of electric golf trolleys include the torque control, smart start, decent control, automatic shut-off, electronic tracking, and programmable speed setting. Other convenience features that come with electric golf carts are diagnostic information, LED displays, and battery charge indicator.

  1. Drive wheels

The drive wheels may either be in rear or front and the other option is dual-drive or single wheels. Front or rear drive-wheels tend to have a lot of slippage while going uphill. The good thing is that their tendency to tip over backwards is minimal. You have very little to control in single drive wheels and power has a limitation to one motor. The new design comes with independent rare wheel drives whose power is more than the older design of single wheels.

  1. Other Factors

The other factors to consider while choosing the right trolley include construction materials and design, component materials, foldability and dimensions, weight, handle, wheels and tires. The other factors you could have interest in looking at are the accessories, warranty, and after-sale service. Make sure that you are comfortable with each of these elements before you make the purchase. You now have the right ingredients that you can use to make an informed decision while buying your remote or electric golf trolley. Evaluate each factor with the seriousness it deserves so that you will have no regrets after you make the purchase.


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