4 Interesting Tips to Maintain Your A-Game on the Field

For athletes, every match is a battlefield. Every ounce of focus is directed towards one thing: winning. It is only when the game is over that they see the aftermath: stained gear, sweaty clothes, smelly socks, and soiled underwear.


If you’ve ever broken a sweat at a game or in training, chances are you’ve been there too. But all that dirt shouldn’t keep you on the bench or throw you off your game.


Your gear should be the last thing on your mind when you’re out there on the field…which is why you need to maintain your gear even before you play, possibly with heavy-duty washers such as those from cgilaundry.com.


Here are some tips to get you ready for game day:


Coordinate your clothes  

For those into sports and recreational hobbies, coordinating your gear helps you take to the field with everything you need.


For example, if your schedule is packed with multiple activities like going to the gym, playing football, and running laps, find a way to sort your jerseys, shirts, and even your underwear so that you can stay ready, even if something throws you off your schedule.


This tip also helps you save time. If your day is as packed with trainings, workout sessions, and practice games, having organized gear makes it easier to stay on-the-go.


Take your gear out for some sun and air

Most athletes are certainly guilty of this. After a long and tiring day, the temptation to dump our bags and leave our gear on the floor is strong…but so is the smell.


The next time you get home from training consider airing your gear. No matter how clean they may appear, there’s always the risk of bacteria and all kinds of dirt. Hang your stuff out to dry and get rid of all kinds of moisture. Besides you don’t want to ruin your gear or, worse, run the risk of skin rashes.


The dirtier your gear, the more you should pay attention. If you’ve been abusing a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes, you may need the power of the sun. Even if your clothes are already air-dry, you should expose them to direct sunlight to kill off any bacteria that may be living in them.


Pre-soaking before washing helps

While commercial washers like Continental Girbau can get the dirt off your gear, the smell is the trickier part.


Before you jam anything in the washer soak them for at least an hour, or, if possible, overnight. The longer you soak your gear, the better. Pro tip: add a capful of your preferred detergent and add baking soda or vinegar. That should get rid of any kind of smell.


It also pays to know the type of fabric you’re dealing with. Not all cleaning products work well with the same fabrics so you should read the labels of all your detergents, bleaches, or softeners before you get started


Don’t wait too long to wash.

There are many reasons you may avoid washing your gear right away. Maybe you lack the time or maybe the laundry is fully booked or maybe you’re just plain tired. To a certain extent, that’s ok. However, you shouldn’t wait too long, else you risk damaging your gear.


Preventive maintenance is the key to preserving the integrity of your sportswear. Washing everything as soon as possible reduces the risk of dirt, sweat, bacteria, and other stains that may stick to your gear in the long run. So wash promptly, and wash well.


All sports gear is an investment. And taking care of those investments are part of what being a great athlete is about. So the next time you think about bringing your A-game, start with your gear.


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