3 Tips for Managing Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain can rob joy and make even common tasks a challenge. The good news is there are a variety of ways to combat chronic pain so you can enjoy the simple pleasures in life again. A pain management doctor in Joplin can explain some of the best surgical and medical ways to manage pain, but did you know there are a variety of other things you can do to manage pain? Here is a list of 3 ways you can help yourself!

Deep Breathing and/or Meditation

It sounds simple enough, but deep breathing or meditation can ease discomfort. If the source of your pain is muscle tightness and tension, meditation that “tells” your body to relax can do just that. Taking a class on meditation techniques can give you a great tool for easing pain in the moment.

Another way to erase discomfort is through deep breathing. It doesn’t require a class or any special training, but a clinic in pain management in Joplin, Missouri, may be able to give you some pointers. Simply select a quiet spot and find the most comfortable body position possible. Inhale deeply, ensuring air reaches your abdomen, and exhale slowly. You should begin to feel relaxation and, hopefully, find greater comfort.

Unleash Your Endorphins

Exercise may sound like a daunting task if you’re battling chronic pain, but it can help by releasing your body’s natural pain fighters, endorphins. You may want to ask a pain management doctor in Joplin for an exercise plan to meet your needs. Most experts recommend easing your way into a new exercise routine, and if you’re battling pain, a physician can give you ideas about what types of exercises are the best match for you.

Join a Support Group

Those who suffer from chronic pain are at increased risk for developing depression. That’s why, in addition to managing your pain, you should be managing your mental health as well. For some, counseling or therapy is a great way to ensure you’re staying mentally healthy. However, joining a support group is another way to manage pain. Knowing you’re not alone and connecting with new people is a great way to stave off loneliness and depression, and you might learn a few new ways to manage your pain by meeting with people who have found their own solutions to the problem.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, your first step is to meet with a pain management doctor Joplin, but seeking non-medical solutions like exercise, support groups and meditation can help as well.


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