A Complete Guide to Park Guell Barcelona

The Park Guell Barcelona receives around twelve million tourists in a year. Most of them come out with the architectural wonder. This place was commissioned by “Count Eusebi Güell” in the year 1900. It houses attractions such as the Hypostyle Room, the Dragon Stairway, and the Lodge Pavilion at Porter’s. All these tips will help in figuring out what attribute sets this historic park apart and the ways by which you can experience the best of Park Guell Barcelona in just a couple of hours.

What are the must to watch places in Park Guell Barcelona ?

  1. Casa del Guarda
  2. The Stairway
  3. Sala Hipóstila
  4. The Greek Theatre or Plaça de la Natura
  5. Austria Gardens

What is the right time to watch the above places?

  1. 1 May to 27Aug: 8 AM to 9:30 PM
  2. 28 Aug to 28 Oct: 8 AM to 8:30 PM
  3. 29 Oct to 31 Dec: 8 AM to 6:30 PM

Facts about Park Guell

  1. Heritage: In 1984, UNESCO declared this place as a World Heritage Site
  2. The Iron Gates: The gates at this place are of the shape of a palm leaf. These gates replaced the wooden gates soon after the demise of Gaudi.
  3. No Straight line: Gaudi has a belief that he can’t carve a straight line. Thus, he replicated his inspiration of using curved lines throughout the property.
  4. Flora and Fauna: This Park preserved nature with a lot of care. It provides a wide range of fauna and flora that can be marked on the edges of the park. It includes non-native parrot species, hummingbird hawk moths and short-toed eagle.
  5. The best vantage place: The terrace of this remarkable place overlooks Barcelona. It has got one hundred and ten meters of long vantage point that boasts the best photographic sights of Barcelona. Lined with benches and decorated with beautiful and colorful mosaics, Park Guellis the first bench that is designed ergonomically in the World.

Park Guell Gaudi and his distinctive architecture

Gaudi not just brought a fairytale into reality life with his adorable architecture but also invented Trencadís. It is a mosaic that is made by tiny pieces of disintegrated ceramic pieces. The use of the technique is simply undisputed throughout the park.

The fluidity of the monument design, their structure, sculptures, and motifs, allowed the concrete architecture to easily stand as one with nature. It incorporates animals like snake, salamander, lions and octopus, at several junctures by the use of trencadis.

Features of Park Guell Barcelona Tickets

  1. Only four hundred tickets get sold in every thirty minutes
  2. The entry time provides a half an hour grace period. This implies that a 10:00 AM ticket permits admission till 10:30 AM.
  3. On validation of a ticket, you won’t be able to leave the premises. You can enter again on that same ticket.
  4. Buying tickets online permits you to command entry timing as per the convenience.
  5. Booking tickets online save 1 Euro/ticket as you would not need to pay ticket window surcharge.
  6. Additional discounts are available on buying the ticket online.
  7. Kids under six years of age will not be charged a ticket. Young adults that are between ages seven years to twelve years will be charged a discounted rate.

Conclusion People from all parts of the world visit Park Guell in huge numbers. This visit won’t be an easy experience for visitors. To make it a pleasant and safe experience for tourists, it is important to equip yourself with all the relevant information. To book your tickets, you could visit http://www.tripindicator.com/park-guell-barcelona-map-tickets-tours.html